Our kitten grow up with us in the family and are accustomed to little children. At no time are our kitten separated or caged.

Healthness of the parents: 
Our breeding cats are all vaccinated against sniezes, panleukopenia, chlamydia, leukemia and
rabies. They are tested occasionally sporadically on FELV and FIV. They all are also PKD, heart and liver scanned and transponder chipped. White cats are audiometrically tested. 

Our kitten raising: 
Up to the third week our kitten are usually together with their mom in the litterbox and drink mummis milk. As soon as they leave the litterbox, high-quality kitten dry food (Royal Canin, Iams and Whiskas Advanced) and kitten can food (Iams, Animonda) completes their food plan. At the same time they learn to use the litter pan.


Health care:
Our kittens leave our home with following health care: 

  • Sniezes, panleukopenia, chlamydia and leukemia

  • Rabies vaccination (when desired) 

  • 6-times medication against worms (every two weeks
    starting from birth)

  • Health certificate of the veterinary examination 

  • Transponderchipping (when desired)

    Naturally we give also a small surprise
    on the way. But this we will not tell now, because it wouldn´t a surprize any longer.