This am I. My name is Ute Kunze, born at 12/27/1966 in Herne/Germany. My Hobbys are, beside my cats and my both sons, when the time it permit, motorbiking with my Kawasaki LTD 450. 

In the morning I´m halfday employed and work as a municipal officer in Germany.

My husband Frank and I know each other from the primary school. We have married in 1989. Frank don´t want his picture published ;-) Nevertheless I want to take the chance at this place to say much thanks to him, for his understanding and his energetically, handicrafted help arround our cats. 


This are my most important "stars" in my life. My both sons Daniel (born 1991) and Mark (born 1993). Both share with me, the ca-hobby. It is a great pleasure to see, how both are loved without reservation from all the cats.


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