Over the years, I had collected many pictures of our Turkish Angora cats, which I want to puplish now on my homepage. They are still not much, but I hope, that they will become more and more over the time.

When you klick in the galery link, the galery page will be opened in a new window. You only have to close this window, to get back to this side.


Fotos with professional charakter
The fotos in this galery are done by myself. I didnīt pratice this kind of fotografy that long, so the pictures are still not perfect.

Funny snapshots
Here you will find some funny snapshots from my cats.

Fotogalery VI
A galery of this year (2004) with a selection from different pictures of our cats.

Fotogalery V
This fotogalery shows you our cats in 2003.

Fotogalery IV
Take a look in our cattery in 2002. We become more succesful with doing pictures.

Fotogalery III
Pictures out of the year 2001. It becomes better....

Fotogalery II
Here you find pictures from the 2000. The quality is not that bright, but the pictures are a bit better, than the years before.

Fotogalery I
Here are pictures from the years 1998-1999. They are done with my first digital camera and compared with the quality you can do now, they are really worse.

Pictures of our garden.


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