We live in a small single-family terrace house with garden. With us in the family federation live our cats. Our cats have access to all our rooms and can freely move in the house whereever they want.


All our cats are divided on several areas, which lower the stress-factor very much. We are not able to hold more than three stud males at the same time. In the girl house do live ususally 4 to 6 adult females together. Pregnant females, kittens up to 8 month or neutered cats live permanent together with us in the house.


By this generous separation, with which all cats have nevertheless always view and nose contact, the stressfactor is reduced enormously. Harmonious cat groups are a good base for breeding character-fixed and healthy cat babies. Our cattery is known for lovely tempered cats and kittens.


Our cat-houses in the garden are arround 100 qm big and have several plants inside.


The inside-part from the female cattery. Through a permanent opened window, the cats can choise, where they want to stay.


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